Why Is My Dodge Ram Security Light Flashing? (4 Causes And Their Fixes)

Experiencing a flashing security light on your Dodge Ram can be concerning, but understanding the reasons behind it and knowing how to fix the issue can bring peace of mind.

Door or trunk ajar, weak or damaged battery, faulty key fob, and security system malfunction are the most common causes behind the Dodge Ram security light flashing.

In this troubleshooting guide, I’ll discuss the common causes and their fixes for a flashing security light on your Dodge Ram, ensuring you can confidently navigate this situation.

Reasons Behind Dodge Ram Security Light Flashing and Their Fixes

When a vehicle’s security light flashes, it usually means there may be a problem with the system.

If you’ve noticed the security light on your Dodge Ram flashing, various causes may contribute to this issue.

Let’s delve into the detail that not only clarifies the reasons but also provides simple and effective fixes.

1. Door or Trunk Ajar

The most frequent reason for the security light flashing is a door or trunk slightly ajar. To address this, ensure all doors and the trunk are securely closed. Check for problems with the door and trunk sensors or latches if the problem continues.

Consider the following manual checks:

  • Visually Inspect: Examine all doors and the trunk lid, ensuring they are fully closed and securely latched. Look for any uneven gaps or misalignment.
  • Wiggle Test: Close all doors and the trunk, then gently but firmly wiggle or push on each one. Observe the security light’s reaction to identify potential faulty sensors.
  • Door Jamb Switch: Locate the door jamb switch on the door pillar. Press and hold the switch on each door while monitoring the security light. A malfunctioning switch may be indicated if the light behaves differently for certain doors.
  • Trunk Sensor: For the trunk, manipulate the trunk latch manually and observe the security light’s response. If manipulation affects the light, the trunk latch may be malfunctioning.
  • Use a Scan Tool if Available: A scan tool can provide trouble codes related to door or trunk ajar sensors, offering specific information about the issue.
Detecting issues for Dodge Ram security light flashing using OBD-II Reader
Scanning Issues Using OBD-II Reader

2. Weak Battery

A weak battery can trigger the security light. While the engine is off, switch on the headlights for a couple of minutes to inspect. Start your vehicle, and if the headlights are noticeably dim, it may indicate a weak battery.

You may also check the battery voltage with a multi-meter. Consider replacing the battery if the voltage is much less than 12.6 volts.

If the main or auxiliary battery is faulty or weak, replace it with a new one.

3. Faulty Key Fob

If the security light persists after confirming all doors and the trunk are closed, the key fob may be the culprit. Test with a different key fob or replace the battery with the current one.

Follow these steps to replace your Dodge Ram key fob battery with a new CR2032 battery (or CR2450 for some models).

  • Remove the Emergency Key: Most key fobs have a hidden mechanical key. Locate the small button, press it, and pull out the key.
  • Open the Key Fob Case: Depending on your model, there might be a small screw or a designated seam to pry the case apart.
  • Locate and Remove the Old Battery: Once open, find the battery compartment. Gently pry out the old battery with your finger or a screwdriver.
  • Insert the New Battery: Ensure the positive (+) side faces up. Slide the new battery into the compartment.
  • Close the Key Fob Case: Snap the case halves together firmly, ensuring all latches are secure. If a screw was removed, put it back on and tighten it.
Dodge Ram key fob battery changing
Key Fob Battery Changing

4. Security System Malfunction

If none of the above fixes resolve the flashing security light, a malfunction within the security system itself is a possibility. It is essential to inspect the wires that are connected to the security system and sensors.

For these internal issues, seek expert diagnosis and repair. Professional assistance or consultation with your dealership for proper troubleshooting is recommended in such cases.

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Final Thoughts

Addressing a flashing security light on your Dodge Ram involves a systematic approach, from checking doors and batteries to inspecting the key fob and the security system itself.

By following these steps and considering the insightful tips provided, you can navigate through the troubleshooting process with confidence, ensuring a secure and reliable driving experience.

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